Emile is a UK born indie-pop artist, based between London, Berlin and Copenhagen. He began writing songs at an early age, inspired by what he describes as his father’s seemingly endless record collection and an old hand-me-down guitar given to him by his godfather. Growing into his teens he began to involve himself in underground heavy music scenes, drawing inspiration from old-school emo and punk. At the age of 18, re-embracing his childhood love for pop music, he began working as an engineer at the renowned Kensaltown Studios in London, where he met his current writing and production collaborator Flo Reutter. Having cut his teeth for several years on the frontlines of the pop world under producer Martin Terefe, Emile soon found his own voice in songwriting and poetry. Using his experience from working sessions with artists such as Jamie Woon and Billie Marten, he struck out on his own to pursue writing as a full time endeavor, recording his own demos at home. He relocated to his father’s childhood home of Copenhagen and began playing in various bands as a guitarist and songwriter, touring across Europe with a hardcore punk band for a year while starting to compile material for his solo project. umLaut Productions and Emile started working together in Berlin in early 2019 and began cultivating the musical identity that has led to the release of “More Now”.
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