MIDNIGHT is the latest single from producer Arpad who linked up with irish/british singer songwriter Thomas Sykes. This gem of a track came together as the two worked closely on multiple songs in the renown Riverside Studios in Berlin.
The upbeat & hypnotic song addresses the connection of two free spirits losing themselves in a care free, midweek escape in the early hours of the morning.
"Sipping on bottles, Chasing the midnight.." is the opening line of the chorus that could lead us all to a summer anthem. 
Release: May 2020
Written by:
Marlon Tubach
Barnaby Sykes
Joshua Gottmanns
Produced by:
Arpad for Umlaut Productions
Co Production Joshua Gottmanns
Joshua Gottmanns
Marlon Tubach
Barnaby Sykes
Mixed by:
Henne Müller
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